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Garage Door Repair and Installation Services in Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village Arkansas

When it’s time to choose the right Garage Door Service Company for your business or home needs, you can count on UpDown Doors for quality products and affordable repairs that will fit your budget. We guarantee you receive only the best quality products and Service in Arkansas. Let us take care of you and you will be happy.


The Different Doors To Choose From

If you have never been faced with having to purchase a garage door before you may not know the different types of doors that are out there to choose from. Let me help. There are MANY options to choose from in addition to this, however; this is a basic outline of the 3 basic types of doors.


The Basic (hollow pan) Door

This is your basic simple door. Its the most affordable and does a great job for what it is intended to do. Go up and down. The exterior design is available in elongated and traditional square panels. The interior of the door is just a "pan". Meaning no insulation.


This option is the same door as above however the interior "pan" is filled nicely with a fully insulated foam panel with a vinyl backing for a durable clean appearance. This not only helps with heat and cooling in the garage but also quietens the rattling and basic operation of the door. It cost a little more than your basic door but a nice addition.


This is the "Caddilac" of doors. We call it a "sandwich" door because it is 2 pieces of steel filled with injected poly-styrene foam. This interior has a very clean, sleek appearance and also can tolerate those occasional bumps and what not. It is extremely quiet. Of course, the cost is not that much more, but is a little more expensive than the previous 2.

Thats a pretty good outline of the doors. However, all of the above are available in different color options, panel design (flat or raised, square or elongated), window trim options, and decorative hardware options. While some do and some don't cost more, availability and lead times may vary as the more common doors are kept in stock. Ill go over all this with you at your home and for more information on this click on the CHOOSE YOUR DOOR tab at the top of the page.

Services We Offer

Broken Spring Replacement

If you ever go to raise your door and it wont come up but only so high? Well stop and call me. More than likely you have a broken spring. Its not uncommon and can be repaired. If you keep operating the door, it will tear your opener up. I will come out and guage your existing wire size and most likely have the springs with me to replace them.

Opener Replacement

Whether you need a new one or just tired of the noisy operation of the existing one, call me for replacement of your opener(s)

All Types of Service

Many different things could be wrong with your door making it not do right. Just give me a call and I will get you fixed up


Who We Are

My name is Brian and I’m excited to be serving you with your garage door needs. I have a 16 year old daughter whom I live for. She is my world! I’ve been doing Door work since 1993 out of high school. I have worked for various companies and had our own family business with my brother and dad until complications got in the way. I’m now at a point where I want to do it again and teach my daughter what hard work and honesty can help you achieve in life. Honesty is one of my core values and I believe if I’m honest with folks regardless; it’ll pay off. I want You as a lifetime customer, not a onetime customer. I thank you for obviously taking time to read this and look forward to seeing you soon!

  • I dont charge to come out and look and give you a quote. Id love the opportunity to visit with you. Our business hours are M-F: 8am-5pm. Or, you can fill this out and Ill get it in my email and I will call you. Thanks alot!  Get in touch with us today.



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